The aim of Chem-Conflux20 is to provide a forum for academicians, engineers, scientists and practitioners from all around the world to exchange ideas and present the recent technological developments in the field of sustainable energy, environment, green technology and climate change. This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to establish business or research relations and to find partners for future collaboration.


  • 1.   Renewable and Alternative Energy/Fuels
  • 2.   Energy Efficiency and Management
  • 3.   Biomass Utilization and Bioenergy
  • 4.   New Technologies for Energy Conservation
  • 5.   Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • 6.   Water Conservation and Management
  • 7.   Air Pollution Control
  • 8.   Climate Change and Sustainability
  • 9.   Energy Integration and Management
  • 10.   New Materials for Energy and Environment
  • 11.   Solid Waste Management and Utilization
  • 12.   Sustainable and Green Technologies
  • 13.   Sustainability in Petroleum Refining and Bio-refinery
  • 14.   Water Resources Management and Water Quality
  • 15.   Life Cycle and Environment Impact Assessment
  • 16.   Techno-Economic Feasibility
  • *Any other contemporary area relevant to theme

  • Abstract should be submitted in the prescribed format/template Abstract Format