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All the departments offer full time and part time doctoral programmes under various categories:

  1. Full-time Research Students 
  2. Part-time Research Students

Eligibility for Admission

  1. The eligibility conditions given below are the absolute minimum. Departments may prescribe any other requirements over and above these, subject to the approval of the SPGC.
  2. The “specified minimum” marks/CPI (Cumulative Performance Index), referred to in subsequent sections, implies a minimum of 60% aggregate marks or equivalent CPI for Ph.D. at qualifying examination.
  3. For department wise details, please click here.



Full-time Research Students 




Institute Research Scholar (Stipendiary)


These full-time students will be eligible for the financial assistance in the form of the teaching or research assistantships (referred to as Institute Assistantships). Assistantships shall be awarded to Ph.D. students on a semester-to-semester basis for a period of up to six semesters, which is further extendable by two semesters on the recommendation of DPGC and SPGC. This extension may be effected for a maximum of two times. Such a student is expected to devote at least eight hours per week towards job(s) assigned to him by the department, which may include class work, evaluation of students or any other job as assigned by the Department/Institute. The renewal of assistantship is dependent on the student’s academic performance and his discharge of duties as assigned to him by the department being satisfactory.

A student on teaching/research assistantship is also reimbursed a contingency expense as per the approved terms and procedures to be notified from time to time by the Institute. The reimbursement is done twice annually during the period of assistantship.

Sponsored Candidates


These full time students including QIP candidates usually receives financial support from Govt. /Semi Govt. schemes/Organisations such as CSIR, AICTE, UGC, DAE, DST, DBT, NBHM, etc. and recognized R&D organization for doing research work in the Institute. Candidates in service are to be released from the organisation for full time research work at the Institute and must furnish a sponsorship certificate from the employer. They shall not receive any financial support from the Institute.

Self Financed (Indian/Foreign/ Study Leave) candidates


a. Indian: These students are admitted along with the regular research students through the usual admission procedure. They may not get financial support in any form from the Institute. These candidates shall be available full time in the Institute and may be using the facilities in the department as and when allowed.

b. Foreign: These students are admitted through Embassy of the respective governments after getting approval from the Ministry of External Affairs, from the Ministry of Home Affairs and approval of the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Government of India.

c. Study leave: This category refers to the students who are not sponsored but released from Governmental or educational Institutions on study leave or extraordinary leave for a period not less than the minimum specified period for doing research work at the Institute. However, a No Objection Certificate from employer should be produced at the time of joining.

Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and other agencies awardees (foreign nationals)


These students are sponsored by their Governments and awarded scholarship by Govt. of India, ICCR and other such agencies/organisation. They should apply for admission through Indian Embassy in their country.  



Part-Time Research Student




Faculty/Staff and Project staff of MNNIT Allahabad


This category refers to the students who are permanent employees of the Institute and are admitted to the Ph.D. programme.

Project staff are those candidates who are working on the various projects undertaken by the Institute and are admitted to the Ph.D. Programme.


Sponsored candidates


a. Any candidate admitted under this category will be at par with Full-time Sponsored candidates for the payment of fees.

b. These candidates must fulfill one semester of residential requirement at the Institute. These candidates will have one supervisor from the Institute (Internal) and the other from their parent organization (External). While the requirement of Institute supervisor is a must, the external supervisor is optional depending on the availability.

Those candidates who are from such organisations/institutes where adequate laboratory facilities are not available (as assessed by the supervisor at MNNIT Allahabad), are required to spend a minimum of 60 days at MNNIT Allahabad, for completing research/laboratory work during the entire programme. These 60 days are additional than the residential requirement of one semester.

Self financed candidates



Candidates admitted under this category will be at par with Full-time Self-financed candidate for the payment of fees. However, for foreign candidates except the change in the tuition fee other components of the fee structure will be applicable. The candidates of this category will be governed by the Clause for Sponsored candidates.

Candidates registered under collaborative research programme between MNNIT and other University, R&D organization in India or abroad.


Candidates working in approved Indian/ Foreign educational institutes or recognised R&D organisations, which are equipped with the necessary research and library facilities, may be considered for admission to the Ph.D. programme in engineering and management. The educational institutes located in India must be approved by AICTE. The students of this category will be governed by the Clause for Sponsored candidates.



               Eligibility requirement for admission to Ph.D. programmes


S. No.


Eligibility qualification

Area of Research



Applied Mechanics




Applied Mechanics Department

M.Tech. or Equivalent degree in Mechanical Engg., Civil Engg.,Metallurgical Engg.,Material Science ,Aeronautical Engg., Chemical Engg.,Marine Engg., Naval Engg., Production Engg., Biomedical Engg., Instrumentation & Control Engg., OR M.Sc. or equivalent degree in Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics

(in the area relevant to the department as mentioned in last column-Areas of Research)

Solid Mechanics, Structural Analysis, Material Science,Robotics and Mechanisms, Kinematics and Dynamics of systems, Composite & smart structures, Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Machines, Multiphase Flow, Biomechanics and MEMS.



M.Tech. (Biotechnology)/M.Tech. (Biochemical Engg.) OR M.Sc. in any branch of Life Sciences

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Environmental Biotechnology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Bioprocess development.


Civil Engineering

M.Tech. or Equivalent degree in Aeronautical Engineering Architectural Engineering, Civil, Chemical Engineering, M.Sc. Environmental Science or Equivalent

Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering, GIS, Environmental Geo-technology, Remote Sensing, Water Resources Engineering


Computer Science and Engineering

M.Tech. or equivalent degree in Computer Science & Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering Electronics Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Data Base, Software Engineering, Mobile Computing, Parallel Computing, Computer Architecture, Computer Networking, Theoretical Computing, Computer Algorithm, Data mining, Knowledge Based System, Real Time System, Distributed Computing.


Electrical Engineering

M.Tech. or Equivalent degree in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, and Electronics Engineering

Control Systems and Mathematical Modeling, Nonlinear Systems, Model Reduction, Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, AI in Power System, Wireless Sensor Networks, Power Electronics, Transmission Systems & FACTs, Distribution System and Custom Power Devices, Distributed Generation & Control, Power Quality, Modern Electrical Drives, Instrumentation Systems, Biomedical Instrumentation, Virtual Instrumentation, Power System Protection.


Electronics & Communication Engineering

M.Tech. or Equivalent degree in Electrical Engineering , Electronics Engineering,  Electronics and Communication  Engineering

Data Communication and Networking, Optical Communication, Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing, Mobile and ATM Network, Analog and Digital Circuits.


Mechanical Engineering

M.Tech. or Equivalent degree in Mechanical, Aeronautical, Automobile, Chemical, Production, Metallurgical Engineering, Industrial Engineering.

Thermal Science (Heat Transfer, Energy Conversion, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning), Turbo Machines, CAD/CAM/FMS, Fracture Mechanics, Unconventional Manufacturing Processes, Metal Cutting, Metal Forming, Noise and Vibrations, Industrial Engineering, Rapid Prototyping and Reverse Engineering, Knowledge Management.

Chemical Engineering

(under Mechanical Engineering Department)

M.Tech. or equivalent degree in Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Studies, Environment, Biotechnology

Separation Processes, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Modeling and Simulation, CFD, Energy Conversion.

Centre of Energy Studies (under Mechanical Engineering Department)

M.Tech. or Equivalent degree in Mechanical,  Aeronautical, Automobile, Chemical, Production, Metallurgical Engineering

Non-Conventional Energy Resources Management, Thermal System Design



M. Sc in Mathematics/Statistics or equivalent with 60% aggregate marks or equivalent grade.

Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Numerical Analysis, Operation Research, Mathematical Modeling, Cryptography, Special Function, Topology, Hopf Algebra, Computer Algebra, Relativity, Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics.



M.Sc. in Chemistry/ Applied Chemistry with 60% marks. For interdisplimarey field of research Master degree in any discipline of Sc. with 60% marks, M.Tech., B.Tech. 75% marks.

Organo-metallic material chemistry, Polymers, Environmental Chemistry, Nano-Technology, Nano-Chemistry, Bio-Inorganic, Photo-Chemistry, Drug delivery, Co-ordination chemistry


Humanities and Social Sciences

M.A. English or Psychology/ MBA/MMS  with 60 % aggregate marks or CPI of 6.5 on 10 point scale.

Commonwealth Literature, Psychology :

Organisational Behavior, Social Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Entrepreneurship, British Literature,  American Literature, English Language Speaking and Human Resource Management, Allied Social Sciences



M.Tech. in appropriate branch of Engineering/ M.Sc. in Physics   or equivalent with 60% aggregate marks or CPI of 6.5 on 10 point scale.

Solid State Physics/ Condensed Matter Physics,

 Solid State Gas Sensors, Carrier Transport in Thin Films, Interface States Studies in Semiconductor Devices, Characterization of Materials, Non-linear Dynamics, Nanoscience & Technology, Spectroscopy of Nano-Materials, Spectroscopic Characterization of Liquid Crystals, Synthesis and Properties of Carbon Nano Tube (CNTs), Quantum Chemistry & Bio-Physics, String Theory, Magnetic Materials


School of Management Studies



Master Degree in Management/ Technology/ Engineering/Economics / Commerce/ Science/ Computer Applications/Social Science with minimum of 60% marks or equivalent or Bachelors degree in Engineering with a minimum of 75% marks or equivalent CPI.

Marketing Human Resource, Finance, Systems Management, Strategic Management, Operations Management, International Business.


GIS Cell

M. Tech. or equivalent in GIS & Remote Sensing/Civil Engineering/ Comp. Sc.& Engineering/ Information Technology/ Agricultural Engineering/ Mining Engineering or M.Sc. degree in GIS & Remote Sensing/ Applied Geology/ Geophysics/ Geography/ Environmental Science/ Computer Science or degree in Master of Computer Application.

Geoinformatics (Core and Applications)

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