Dr. A. K. Singh 

Designation: Professor
Qualification: M.Tech. and Ph.D.
Area of Interest: Transportation System Planning, Road Safety  Analysis, GIS Technology , Planning and Management of Transportation System using  GIS Technology , Lidar Technology.
Phone No.: +91-0532-2271803 (R),+91-0532-2271310 (O)
Email: aksingh@mnnit.ac.in
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Dr. R. P Tiwari

Designation: Professor
Qualification: M.E.,Ph.D.
Area of Interest:
  • Soil Mechanics
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Rock Mechanics
  • GIS and Remote Sensing Application
Phone No.: +91-0532- 2271309  (O)
Email: rpt@mnnit.ac.in
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Dr. Anil Kumar Sachan

Designation: Professor
Qualification: B.Tech.,M.Tech., Ph.D. (Structural Engineering)
Area of Interest: ConcreteTechnology,Composite Materials
Phone No.: +91-532-2271305 (O)/5322271622 (R), +91 9415030148 (M)
Email: sachan@mnnit.ac.in
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Dr. R. D. Gupta

Designation: Professor
Qualification: Ph.D., M.E., B.E. (Civil Engineering)
Area of Interest: Geoinformatics (Core and Applications), Spatial Data Infrastructure, Climate Change, Glaciology, Urban Planning, Open Source Software.
Phone No.: +91- 532- 2271307 (O); +91- 532- 2541601 (R), +91-9838346268 (M)
Email: rdg@mnnit.ac.in
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Dr. Rakesh Chandra Vaishya 

Designation: Professor 
Qualification: Ph.D.
Area of Interest:

Water and Wastewater Treatment Design and Management, Air Pollution Control Engineering, Solid Waste Management, EIA and Environment Audits

Phone No.: 05323-2545140 (R);  9415305134 (M)
Email: rcvaishya@mnnit.ac.in; rcvaishya@yahoo.com
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Dr. Ram Pal Singh 

Designation: Professor
Qualification: B.E.(Civil), M.E. (Environmental Engineering), Ph.D
Area of Interest:

Mathematical modelling of Water and wastewater Treatment Systems, Transport of pollutants in Air and Soil, Remediation of metal contaminated soils, Solid waste Management Systems

Phone No.: +91-5322271309 [O], +91-5322271602 [R], Mobile No. 9450536371
Email: rps@mnnit.ac.in
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Dr. Laxmi  Kant Mishra

Designation: Professor
Qualification: B.E.(Civil), M.B.E.M., Ph.D
Area of Interest: Structural Engineering & Concrete Technology, Construction Management,  Building Science & Engineering
Phone No.: +91-5322271312 [O], Mobile No. 9936415588
Email: lkm@mnnit.ac.in
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Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Designation: Professor
Qualification: Ph.D., M.E., B.Tech.
Area of Interest: Reinforced Concrete Structure, Concrete Technology, Composite Materials, Waste Materials Utilisation
Phone No.: 0532-2271313 (O), 9454257624 (M)
Email: rkpat@mnnit.ac.in, kumarrakesh1967@rediffmail.com
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Dr. Pradeep Kumar Mehta

Designation: Professor & Head
Qualification: Ph.D., M.Tech., B.E.
Area of Interest: Bridges, Buildings,  and Concrete.
Phone No.: +91-532-227-1310 (O)/1670 (R), +91-8052114737 (M)

pradeep11@mnnit.ac.in; pkmehta11@gmail.com

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Dr. Raj Mohan Singh   

Designation: Professor
Qualification: Ph.D. (IIT/K)
Area of Interest: Water Resources and Hydro-Environmental Systems, Soft Computing, Optimization.
Phone No.: 0532-227- 1314(O)
Email: rajm@mnnit.ac.in , rajm.mnnit@gmail.com
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Dr. Kumar Venkatesh  

Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: Ph.D.
Area of Interest: Geotechnical Engineering, Soil Dynamics/Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Soil-Structure Interaction, Advanced Finite Element Method, Artificial Neural Network and ANFIS

Phone No.: +91-532-2271312 (O)
Email: venkatesh@mnnit.ac.in
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KV Photo

Dr. Nekram Rawal  

Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: Ph.D (Environmental Engineering)
Area of Interest: Water and Wastewater treatment System, Water Supply Project Management, Solid waste Management.
Phone No.: 0532-2271320 [O], Mobile No. 09336146896
Email: nrrawal@mnnit.ac.in
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Dr. Goutam Ghosh 

Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: B.E., M.E, Ph.D.
Area of Interest: Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics; Performance Based Design; Resilience Based Design; Seismic Isolation
Phone No.: +91-532-2271722 (R); +91-532-2271319 (O);+91-8004132416 (M)
Email: goutam@mnnit.ac.in,  gghoshjm@gmail.com
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Dr. Priyaranjan Pal

Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: B.E., M.E., Ph.D.
Area of Interest: Concretes; Composites; Fluid-Structure Interaction; Finite Element Analysis; Meshless Methods
Phone No.: 7905579247

prpal@mnnit.ac.in; prpal2k@gmail.com

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Dr. Varun Singh 

Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: B.Tech., M.Tech. and Ph.D.
Area of Interest: Engineering Informatics , Geoinformatics and Transportation Engineering.
Phone No.: +91-532-2272720 (O), +91-532-2271966 (R), +91-9473956924 (M)
Email: varun@mnnit.ac.in
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Dr. (Mrs.) Shalinee Shukla

Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: Ph.D (Transportation Engineering)
Area of Interest: Traffic Engineering, Pavement Engineering, Use of waste and reclaimed materials in pavements, Road Safety, Sustainable Energy
Phone No.: +91-9794937868, Tel.: 91-0532-2271324 (O)
Email: sshukla@mnnit.ac.in
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Dr. Rama Shankar

Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification:  B.Tech.(Civil), M. Tech.(Structure), Ph.D.
Area of Interest: Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), Soft Computing, Sensor System for SHM, Structural Dynamic, Soil Structure Interaction
Phone No.: +91-5322271323 [O], Mobile No. 9648710759
Email: ramashanker@mnnit.ac.in
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Dr. H K Pandey

Designation: Associate Professor
Area of Interest: Engineering Geology Ground water exploration and management
Phone No.: 9415630591
Email: pandey_hk@rediffmail.com
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Dr. Vijay Kumar

Designation: Asst. Professor
Qualification: Ph.D.
Area of Interest:

Soil Mechanics

Foundation Engineering

Rock Mechanics

Soil Structure Interaction

Computational Applications in Geotechnical Engineering (Neuro-Fuzzy, ANN & ANFIS)

Phone No.: +91-0532-2271328(O), +91-9616848223
Email: vkr@mnnit.ac.in
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Dr. V P Singh

Designation: Asst. Professor
Qualification: Ph.D.
Area of Interest:

Geotechnical Engineering: Soil Mechanics, Site Investigation, Non-Destructive sub-surface exploration, Structural foundations, Sustainable geotechnical infrastructures and Geotechnical processes.
Geo-environmental Engineering:Site characterization, Risk assessment & Remediation of contaminated soil, sediments & groundwater, Sustainable waste management.

Phone No.: +91-9628574540
Email: vps15783@mnnit.ac.in, vps15783@gmail.com
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Dr. Anupam Rawat

Designation: Asst. Professor
Qualification:  B.Tech.,M.Tech., Ph.D. (Structural Engineering)
Area of Interest: Structural Assessments &Health monitoring, Ferrocement Structure, Concrete Technology
Phone No.:  
Email: anupam@mnnit.ac.in
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Dr. D Basu

Designation: Assistant Professor Grade-I
Qualification: M.Tech., Ph.D.(Environmental Engineering)
Area of Interest: Lab-scale studies to identify, quantify and remove pollutants of industrial origin, Reactor modeling for biological and physico-chemical treatment of special industrial wastewaters, Assessment of personal exposure to air pollutants in industrial microenvironments
Phone No.: 91-532-227-1326 (O)
Email: basud@mnnit.ac.in
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Dr. Pramod Soni

Designation: Asst. Professor
Qualification: M.Tech., Ph.D.
Area of Interest: Climate Change, Atmospheric and Hydrological modeling, Data uncertainty and Trend analysis,  Hydrological  Regionalization .
Phone No.: +919532810930
Email: pramod@mnnit.ac.in
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Dr. Pramod Soni

Dr. Shambhavi Mishra

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Tech., Ph.D.
Area of Interest: Advanced Highway Materials, Intelligent Transportation System, Advanced Traveller Information System, Incident Management System and Geographical Information System
Phone No.:


Email: shambhavi@mnnit.ac.in
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Passport photo shambhavi