Dr. P. K. Dutta

Designation: Professor (HAG) & Head
Qualification: M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Area of Interest: Physical Chemistry – Polymers/Biopolymers;  Chemical Biology, Chitosan  for Biomedical and Environmental applications
Phone No.: +91 - 532 - 2271283 (O) +91 - 532 – 2271611 (R)
Email: pkd@mnnit.ac.in,pkd_437@yahoo.com
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Dr. S. S. Narvi

Designation: Professor
Qualification: M. Sc.,Ph.D.
Area of Interest:
Inorganic chemistry - coordination chemistry, env chemistry
Phone No.: +91 - 532 - 2271273 (o) +91 - 532 - 2271975(R)
Email: ssn@mnnit.ac.in
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Dr. G. K. Mehrotra  

Designation: Professor
Qualification: Ph.D.
Area of Interest: Inorganic chemistry - organ metallic chemistry, Materials Chemistry.
Phone No.: +91-532-2271274 (O)
Email: gkmehrotra@mnnit.ac.in
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Dr. Ashutosh Pandey

Designation: Associate Professor 
Qualification: M.Tech.,Ph.D.
Area of Interest: Nanobiotechnology, Dye Sensitized Solar Cells, Metal organic Frameworks and their applications.
Phone No.:


Email: apandey@mnnit.ac.in
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Dr. Tamal Ghosh

Designation: Associate Professor 
Qualification: M. Sc.,Ph.D.
Area of Interest: Optical sensing of cation and/or anion by chemosensors,DNA interaction and photocleavage activities of Ru(II) complexes,Photochemistry
Phone No.: +91-532-2271277(O)+91-532-2271924 (R)
Email: tamalghosh@mnnit.ac.in
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