The current scenario of health in the region is not overwhelming and requires a comprehensive and holistic approach to handle such conditions. In most of the cases, the health problems become more graved and unmanageable because of the unavailability of diagnostic expertise and proper research facilities. With the advent of many new diseases, a high end diagnostic facility was required to meet the regional challenges. The proposed center “Center for Medical Diagnostic and Research (CMDR)” aims not only to provide answers to many unanswered problems, but also help in providing proper diagnostic solutions. This effort will not only help the society but also provide knowledge to the future generation to meet global medical challenges.


To provide affordable diagnostic services to all classes of society in the region and offer a high end facility to the researchers which can be in turn used to support the patients in their diagnosis.


The Centre for Medical Diagnostics and Research (CMDR) envisions providing routine and critical diagnostic services as well as to develop skills of scientific research to solve complex medical issues with advanced diagnostic facility under stringent ethical regulation and good laboratory practices.


  • To provide affordable routine as well as critical diagnostic services to the patients.
  • To offer best-in-class research facility to investigators from MNNIT as well as outside.  
  • To disseminate the knowledge among young students to undertake global medical challenges.
  • To facilitate partnerships and interdisciplinary collaborations with medical as well as academic institutes, research laboratories and pharmaceutical industries worldwide working in clinical and medical areas.
  • To provide awareness in the society through seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • To offer consultancy services to institutes/organizations/other stakeholders.

Other Responsibilities of Center for Medical Diagnostic and Research

The Centre for Medical Diagnostic and Research (CMDR) shall become a benchmark for routine as well as critical diagnostic services. This Centre shall also set standard in catering to quality research services. Beside this, the center will encourage interdisciplinary research by facilitating the various departmental research activities. By enabling the various research activities, the center also aims to offer affordable diagnostic services to socioeconomically poor patients.

The Centre shall alsocollaborate with the regional hospital(s) and tie up for patient source. In turn, the center would provide them affordable as well as timely diagnostic services. Due to availability of high end research facility, the center would be able to offer scientific validation of results.

The core and technical committee shall also look after the functioning of the centre and assist in arranging possible funding from different sources.

Thrust areas

  • Clinical and pathological diagnostic
  • PCR based diagnostics of diseases and Genetic Disorders
  • Microbiological examination
  • Immunodiagnostic services
  • Animal Tissue Culture
  • DNA Sequencing
  • Any other relevant area

Core Committee:

The constitution of the core committee is proposed as under:

Core Committee:

  1. Director                                                                                                           :    Chairman
  2. Dean [Planning & Development]                                                                       :    Member
  3. Dean [Academic]                                                                                             :    Member
  4. Head, Department of Biotechnology                                                                  :    Member
  5. Chairman, Health Care Committee                                                                    :    Member
  6. Medical Officer In-charge                                                                                  :    Member

Technical Committee:

The constitution of the core committee is proposed as under:

Technical Committee: