1. InSAR: Theory, Processing and Application form August 12- 16, 2019. [Registration form]
  2. Self-Financed Seven days Workshop on Applied Research Methodology in Social Sciences scheduled during June 17 to June 23, 2019  is being organized by Department of Humanities and Social Sciences.  [Registration Form]
  3. Self financed short term course on Food and health biotechnology solutions to life: An improved way to living (FHBS-2019) in the department of Biotechnology.

  4. Short Term Course " Software Application in Design of Structures (SADS-2019)" which is going to be organized on 8 JULY- 12 JULY 2019, by Civil Engineering Department.
  5. GIAN course on "Interface between Nanoparticles and Living Systems : Ethical and Translational Dimensions" scheduled during July 15 - 26 , 2019.
  6. One Week 2nd National workshop on “Advances in Wireless and Optical Networks (AWON-2019)” during May 27, 2019-June 01, 2019.
  7. Gian brochure on "Introduction to Image based modeling and simulation: Applications in Musculoskeletal Biomechanics" from 22 to 26 April,2019.
  8. One week self financed Workshop On Power System Practices: Analysis & Design (PSPAD-2019) 20-24 May, 2019.
  9. One week short term course on Emerging Power Technologies & Management (EPTM-2019) in collaboration with the Department of Electrical Engineering, KNIT Sultanpur under the twinning scheme of TEQIP-III at KNIT Sultanpur.
  10. Workshop on "Advanced Embedded System and Microelectronics AESM-2019" scheduled from 1st to 5th April 2019.
  11. 2- day National Workshop on “Water Treatment Options for Priority Drinking water Pollutants in Rural Areas”
  12. Short Term Course On "Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Low Dimension Materials [SCALDM 2019]" April 08-12, 2019 Jointly Organized By Department of Physics Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, Prayagraj - 211004 (INDIA) & Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities (APSH) KNIT Sultanpur, U. P.-228118, India under twinning activity of TEQIP-III MNNIT Allahabad. [Brochure] [Postponed till further notice]

  13. ACADEMIA-INDUSTRY Conclave- 2019: Department of Biotechnology MNNIT Allahabad .
  14. Short Term Course On "Application of MATLAB in Science and Technology (AMST-2019)" April 01-05, 2019 Jointly Organized By Department of Physics Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, Prayagraj - 211004 (INDIA) & Department of Electrical Engineering KNIT Sultanpur, U.P.-228118, India under twinning activity of TEQIP-III MNNIT Allahabad.  [Brochure]

  15. Self sponsored summer Training cum Internship Programme in Civil Engineering (STIPCE-2019) to be held from 10th June to 05th of July, 2019. [Brochure] [Registration Form]
  16. Self-financed Workshop cum Summer Training Programme on "RESEARCH ASPECTS IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING" (RACE– 2019), May 24 - July 06, 2019.  [POSTER]

  17. NEW TRENDS IN "WASTE WATER TREATMENT AND ITS REUSE (NTWT-2019)"  from March 12-16, 2019.
  18. GIAN Course on " Emerging Biophotonics Solutions for Disease Diagnosis" scheduled during April 01-12, 2019
  19. TEQIP-III Sponsored National Workshop on Advances in Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics (ACFD-2019) scheduled during 6-11 March 2019 at MNNIT Allahabad.
  20. A Self Financed Short Term Course on "Emerging Trends in Thermal Engineering" (ETTE-2018) being  organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering, MNNIT Allahabad (postponed to March 1-5, 2019).
  21. GIAN Course on "Multiphase Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer" scheduled during 12-17 March 2019 at MNNIT Allahabad.
  22. National Workshop on BioTechnological Approaches for Industrial Waste Management and Renewable Energy ( 1 - 7 Apr 2019 )
  23. TEQIP-III SPONSORED ONE WEEK SHORT TERM COURSE on " Emerging Trends in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (ETLSCCM-2018)".(postponed to 18- 22 feb 2019)
  24. A self sponsored training programme “In vitro Diagnostic Platforms for biomarker detection” is scheduled to be held from Feb 18-24, 2019.