Hostel Management

Hostels function under the administrative control of Chief Warden. The Chief Warden is appointed by the Director in consultation with Dean(SW) amongst the Professor/Associate Professor of the Institute. The Chief Warden is assisted by an office assistant with computer knowledge and peon for day to day activities. There is one Warden Incharge and one Warden for each hostel. Warden Incharges and Wardens are appointed by Director in consultation with Chief Warden amongst the Associate Professor/Assistant Professor of the Institute. All the Warden Incharges and Wardens act under the supervision and directions of the Chief Warden. The policy framework/decisions regarding hostels is decided by Chief Warden in consultation with Dean (SW). Hostel Policies are implemented by the Chief Warden, Warden Incharge and Warden. The decisions of Chief Warden and Warden Incharge in their respective jurisdictions are final.

Each hostel has a “Hostel Management Committee (HMC)” of following structure:
  1. Warden Incharge - Chairman
  2. Warden - Convenor
  3. Care Taker - Member
  4. Hostel President (Student) - Member
  5. Hostel Secretary (Student) - Member

Each hostel is managed by Care Taker who is supposed to be available in hostel in normal working hours. He may be asked by Warden Incharge/Warden to report in the hostel at any time in special situations.

Only regular registered students of the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad are admitted to stay in the MNNIT hostels. Rooms are allotted by the Chief Warden as per the policy for the allotment of rooms decided by “HOSTEL ALLOTMENT COMMITTEE” of following structure:
  1. Dean (SW) - Chairman
  2. Chief Warden - Convener
  3. Warden Incharges - Members

After allotment of hostel, a student will report to Care Taker of allotted hostel and take possession of room after filling the hostel form on the day of registration. Normally change of rooms is not allowed. For special circumstances student can approach to Chief Warden for change of room with proper reason. Any student withdrawing from the hostel will hand over the possession of room to Caretaker and seek clearance certificate from the concerned Warden. At the end of even semester a student shall vacate his/her room and hand over the charge of the room to the Care Taker of the hostel. Any student desirous of room in summer hostel during the vacation must seek prior permission of Chief Warden. If any student wants to reside outside the Institute Hostel, he/she should register as Day Scholar and he is required to fill day scholar form available in the office of Warden Delegacy. All the admission to the hostels is subject to the submission of the undertaking signed by the applicant as well as the father/mother/guardian of the applicant. The hostel admission shall stand cancelled for the students who are declared ex-students upon declaration of results and they will have to vacate the hostel rooms immediately after the results are declared.

• Students residing in Allahabad and in the nearby vicinity may not stand in priority for admission to the hostels.