Mess Management and Rules

Hostel messes function under administrative control of Warden Incharge and Warden in consultation with Chief Warden. There is a Mess Management Committee (MMC) of following structure for smooth functioning and monitoring of the hygienic food in the messes.

1. Warden Incharge - Chairman
2. Warden - Convenor
3. Mess Secretary (Student) - Member
4. Mess Manager (Student) - Member

Messes are running on no profit no loss basis. All the mess menus are prepared by Mess Secretary and Mess Manager in consultation with students who are members of the mess. Certain unacceptable items are not allowed to be cooked in the hostels: e.g. Non-veg, Alcoholic drinking items or very costly items. The main aim of the mess is to provide clean and fresh food to a student of average family background Chief Warden takes surprise visit to these messes for time to time for monitoring and control of the messes. He can suspend any mess staff or change any mess secretary if he feels good in favour of students.