After completing the payment, you can proceed for online registration via Registration Form (Google Form). It is requested that, for completing the registration process, all the participants must fill the online Registration Form (Google Form).

    Indian Delegates   Foreign Delegates
Industry    INR 10,000   USD 500
Faculty    INR 8,000   USD 400
Students    INR 5,000   USD 250
Participation Only(outside MNNIT Allahabad Delegates)    INR 4,000   USD 200
50% Discount in registration fees may be offered to communicating author for the registration of the Second Paper.


    Account name    VCAS
    Account Number    718401013000008
    IFSC    VIJB0007184
    Bank & branch    Vijaya bank, MNNIT Allahabad
REGISTRATION Using Google Form

Link url: Registration Form (Google Form)