Keynote Speaker

Professor Satish K. Sharma

San Diego State University, CA, USA

Dr. Satish Kumar Sharma is a Professor and Director of Antenna and Microwave Lab (AML) at San Diego State University (SDSU). He has received the National Science Foundation (NSF)’s prestigious faculty early career development (CAREER) award in 2009 and DURIP 2016 funded by Office of Naval Research (ONR). He also received 2015 IEEE AP-S Harold A. Wheeler Prize Paper Award of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society for his coauthored paper on anti-jamming antennas. He served as an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Antennas & Propagation journal since August 2010. Currently, he is serving as an Associate Editor of the IEEE Antennas, Wireless & Propagation Letters. His research lab has capability to analyze, design, develop, and verify antennas from VHF to millimeter wave (110 GHz) frequencies. He has published over 260 journal and conference papers and holds one US and one Canadian Patent on Multiple Phase Center Feedhorn. He has also co-edited three volumes of “Handbook of Reflector Antennas and Feed Systems”, published by Artech House in May/June 2013. His another coauthored book, “Multifunctional Antennas and Arrays for Wireless Communication Systems”, has been published by IEEE-Press/Wiley in April 2021. He has collaborated with industry on SBIR/STTR Phase I and II projects funded by DARPA, SPAWAR, Missile Defense Agency, Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) in addition to the projects from the NSF, Office of Naval Research (ONR). He also has served as Engineer/Consultant with industry such as Kyocera, Space Systems Loral (SS/L), Cubic Defense Applications, TaoGlas, DIRECTV, AT&T and several other local industries on different antenna projects. He is also CEO/founder of 5GAntennaTech, LLC. His research interests include microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies beam steering antennas, reconfigurable and tunable antennas, 3D printed antennas, inkjet printed conformal array antennas, massive MIMO antennas, antennas for Cube-Satellites, reflector antennas and its feed systems and metasurface antennas.

Title of the Talk: : Innovative Phased Array Antennas for Enhanced Wireless and Satellite Communication Applications

Abtract of Talk:There is a great demand for the high data throughput innovative phased array antenna solutions for wireless and satellite communication applications. Some representative examples of these antennas designed and developed in the Antenna and Microwave Lab (AML) will be discussed during the talk. The laboratory includes a far-field anechoic chamber (800 MHz to 40 GHz) and a millimeter wave mini-compact antenna test range (26.5 GHz to 110 GHz) in addition to other research resources. Challenges and roles of the emerging technologies such as silicon RFICs in modern antenna design will be discussed.