Prof. Dharmender Singh Kushwaha

Dr. Dharmender Singh Kushwah

Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, Allahabad, India-211004
Telephone: +91 532 227-1358(O), +91-9415253104 (R)
Member: IEEE, CSI
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Research Details - Ph.D. (Supervised / Under Supervision)

Sr.No. Research Area/ Thesis Title Research Scholars Ph.D Progress Status
1. Hybrid Load Balancing in Self-Organizing Trusted Clusters Dr. Shakti Mishra Thesis Completed – 7  June 2012
2. Early Estimation of Software Complexity, Development and Testing Effort from IEEE – SRS Document Dr. Ashish Sharma Thesis Completed – 5 May 2013  
3. A Dynamic Consistency Aware Secure File Replication mechanism Dr. Manu Vardhan Thesis Completed – 30 Dec 2013  
4. A Hybrid Framework for Efficient Web Service Discovery and Composition Dr. Shrabani Mallick Thesis Completed – 08 Nov 2014  
5. Managing Design Phase Package Level Coupling & Cohesion and Reducing the Design Document Comprehension Effort Dr. Aprna Tripathi Thesis Completed – 28 Feb 2015
6. Test Case Reduction Techniques for Design and Maintenance Phase of Software Development Dr. Avinash Gupta Thesis Completed – 23 Oct 2016
7. A Reliable Framework for Efficient Data Management for Adhoc Cloud  Dr. Sanjeev Pippal Thesis Completed - 05 May 2017
8. Automatic Intruder Detection System for Border Surveillance Dr. Dushyant singh Thesis Completed - 19 May 2017
9. An Integrated Traffic Surveillance System for Smart City Dr. Tarun Kumar Thesis Completed – 07 Oct 2019
10. Anti-Predatory Nature- Inspired Algorithms and Their Applications Dr. Rohit Kumar Sachan Thesis Completed – 14 Jan 2021
11. An Intelligent Traffic Control Management System for Emergency Vehicles using IoT Dr. Biru Rajak Thesis Completed – 17 Feb 2021
12. Multi-criteria Task Scheduling in Heterogeneous Cloud Environment Dr. Dhirendra Kumar Shukla Thesis Completed – 22 March 2021
13. Novel Techniques for Suspicious Activity Detection through Video Surveillance at Public Place Dr. Neelam Diwedi Thesis Completed – 28 Aug 2021
14. Predicting Cloud Resource Ms. Eva Patel State-of-the-art Completed
15. Distributed Ledger Technology-based Secure Property Transaction Mechanism Dr. Amrendra Singh Yadav Thesis Completed – 11 Jan 2022
16. IoT with Blockchain Technology & Machine Learning Ms. Charu Krishna Course-work Completed