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Institute Industry Interaction (III) Cell

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad
Prayagraj - 211004 (India)

Civil Engineering Department

Thrust Technical Areas of Interests
Environment Engineering
  1. Air pollution modeling and control.
  2. Air/Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance.
  3. Mathematical modeling of water and wastewater treatment systems.
  4. Municipal and Biomedical Waste Management.
  5. Pesticides transport in plants.
  6. Rural & Urban Water Management.
  7. Rural Hygiene and Sanitation.
  8. Solid waste management.
  9. Toxic metal removals through advanced oxidation process.
  10. Water / Wastewater treatment system.
  11. Water Supply Project Management.
Geotechnical Engineering
  1. Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
  2. Geotechnical Investigations & Design/Analysis of Geotechnical Structures
  3. Advanced Finite Element Modeling & Analysis
  4. Soil-Structure Interaction
  5. Soft Computing Methods
  6. Computational Applications in Geotechnical Engineering (Neuro-Fuzzy, ANN & ANFIS).
  7. Environmental Geotechnology
  8. Non-Destructive Sub-Soil Investigation
  9. Highway Geotechnics
  10. Water Geotechnics
Structural Engineering
  1. Artificial Intelligence Application in Structural and Damage Analysis
  2. Bridge Engineering
  3. Computer Aided Design
  4. Concrete Technology
  5. Emerging Materials for Building Construction
  6. Ferrocement
  7. Finite Element Method
  8. Fluid-Structure Interaction
  9. Meshless Methods
  10. Sensor System
  11. Smart Structures
  12. Structural Health Monitoring
  13. Utilization of waste in concrete
  14. Performance Based Design of Structures,
  15. Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics,
  16. Base Isolation of Structures
Surveying and Geoinformatics
  1. Application of Geoinformatics in Climate Change, Urban Sprawl, Health and Glaciology
  2. Engineering Surveying
  3. Open Source GIS Technologies
  4. Spatial Data Infrastructure
  5. Spatial Decision Support Systems
  6. Web GIS
Transportation Engineering
  1. Geotextiles in pavement reinforcement
  2. Intelligent Transportation Systems
  3. LiDAR Technologies for Transportation System Applications
  4. Planning and Management of Transportation System using GIS Technology
  5. Road Safety Analysis and Audit
  6. Sensor Based Technologies for Traffic Surveillance
  7. Sustainable energy.
  8. Transportation Network Analysis and Optimization
  9. Transportation System Planning
Water Resource Engineering
  1. Water Resources and Hydro-Environmental Systems
  2. Soft Computing & Optimization
  3. Hydraulic Structures
  4. Conjunctive use and Mathematical Modeling of Surface and Groundwater
Engineering Geology
  1. Rock aggregate characterization for concrete
  2. Groundwater resource estimation and Recharge Techniques
  3. Slope stability analysis in Rocky terrain
Testing / Laboratory Facilities
Computer Aided Design Laboratory
  1. Workstations
  2. Desktop Computers
  3. CAD Software Packages for Analysis and Design of Civil Engineering Structures
Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
  1. Triaxial Compression Testing Machines (Manual and Computer controlled)
  2. Unconfined Compression Testing Machines
  3. Direct shear Testing Machines (Manual and Computer controlled)
  4. Consolidation/Compression Testing Machines
  5. Laboratory Vane Shear Testing Machines
  6. CBR Testing Machines (Manual and Computer controlled)
  7. Swelling Pressure Testing Machines
  8. Casagrande's Apparatus
  9. Constant head Permeameter
  10. Falling Head Permeameter
  11. Sieve Shakers
  12. Setups used to test index properties of soils
  13. Hot air Ovens
  14. Vacuum pumps
  15. Compaction Testing Setups
  16. Automatic Compactors
  17. Universal Geopolymers Testing Machine
  18. pH testing Machine
  19. Weighing Machines
  20. Hand Held XRF Machine
  21. Impact Value Testing Machine
  22. Abrasion Testing Machine
  23. Brazilian strength Testing Machine
  24. Point Load Strength Testing machine
  25. Uniaxial Compression Testing Machine
  26. Compressive strength Testing Machine
  27. Slake Durability Testing Machine
  28. Rock Permeability Testing Machine
  29. Rock Core Drilling Machine
  30. Rock Core Cutter and grinding Machine
  31. Portable Core Drilling Machine
  32. Drilling Machine
  33. Static Cone Penetration Testing machine
  34. Dynamic Cone Penetration Testing Setups
  35. Standard Penetration Testing Setups
  36. Power Rig
  37. Plate Load Test setups
  38. Field Vane Shear Testing Machine
Surveying Laboratory
  1. Auto Level
  2. Digital Level
  3. Hand Held GPS Receiver
  4. Plane Table
  5. Prismatic Compass
  6. Titling Level
  7. Total Station
  8. Transit Theodolite
Transportation Engineering Laboratory
  1. Impact Testing Machine
  2. Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine
  3. Flakiness and Elongation Indices Testing Gauges
  4. Ductility Testing Machine
  5. Ring and Ball Apparatus
  6. Appratus for determination of specific gravity of aggregates
  7. Penetrometer (Bitumen Testing)
  8. Flash and Fire Point (Closed Cup) Apparatus
  9. Flash and Fire Point (Open Cup) Apparatus
  10. Tar Viscometer
  11. CBR. Testing Machine (Digital)
  12. Marshall Apparatus (Digital)
  13. Dynamic Cone Penetration Testing Appratus
  14. Friction tester
Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  1. Testing facilities related to determination of hardness, COD, BOD, Chlorine, Floride, Sulphate, Arsenic and other contaminants in water
Stuctural Engineering Laboratory
  1. Concrete mixer
  2. Impact Testing Machine
  3. Le-Chatelier's Apparatus
  4. Loading Frame
  5. Los Angeles Abrasion Testing
  6. Mortar Mixer
  7. Multimeter
  8. Oscilloscope
  9. Rebound Hammer
  10. Signal Amplifier
  11. Slump Cones
  12. Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Testing Appratus
  13. Vee Bee Consistometer
  14. Vibration Table
  15. Vicat Appratus
  16. Compression Testing Machine (CTM)