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Institute Industry Interaction (III) Cell

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad
Prayagraj - 211004 (India)

Electronics and Communication Engineering Department

Facilities available in the Department:
LabsMajor Equipments
Basic Electronics Lab Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO), Function Generator
Advance Electronics Lab8085 and 8086 kits with interfacing model, Virtual System Modelling (VSM Software), ARM processor development board with compiler, PIC and AVR microcontroller board with interfacing model, , 8051 development board with micro C compiler
VLSI LabHigh end PC work station server, PC work station (P-4 based, core-2 duo), High performance blade server (IBM), Spartan -3E kits, Vertex-2 PRO and Vertex-5, VDEC board DIO5 AIO1, EDA tool, silvaco TCAD, Synopsis TCAD Sentaurus bundle, Cadence Tools bundles, Synopsys SOC tolls bundle, Mentor graphic bundle, Xilinx software
Computer Architecture LabDigital Signal Processing kit (with PS) TDS-2002, DSP starter kit (DSK),Texas TMS320C6711, Matlab 2013b, TMS320C6748 development board, Lab View , NI Smart camera
Communication LabData communication trainer, , satellite trainer, Fibre optics trainer, Spectrum analyser application kit, CDMA direct sequence spread spectrum trainer, GHz spectrum analyser with track generation, 136 channel logic analyser, Signal analyser 3Hz \96 26.5 GHz, Vector signal generator 9 KHz-6GHz.
Microwave LabKlytron and GUNN power supply, Isolator, Attenuator, Circulator, VSWR meter, Frequency meter, Slotted line section, Reflex Klystron waveguide, Tees, Directional coupler, GUNN oscillator, Standard gain Horn antenna, Microwave power meter, Variable load, Bands, Matched load, SS Tuner, SC load, Antenna trainer kit and Antenna turn table.