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Institute Industry Interaction (III) Cell

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad
Prayagraj - 211004 (India)

GIS Cell

GIS Cell is an interdisciplinary division where learning and research on techniques of geospatial data collection and data processing are being carried out. The end users of the solutions and research outcomes provided by this division are government bodies, institutions and industry who are using GIS databases, imageries, GNSS-based positioning, SAR data and 3D data like LiDAR data (airborne laser scanning and mobile LiDAR) for their ongoing activities. GIS Cell has strong research groups, who are working in the field of Geoinformatics, GIS, web GIS, GNSS and SAR data processing, satellite image processing and LiDAR data processing. The existing infrastructure within the cell for the laboratory and research works includes software like ArcGIS, Global Mapper + iLiDAR, and instruments like Total stations, GNSS receiver set, permanent base GNSS station, handheld DGPS with inbuilt camera, terrestrial laser scanner etc, and high end computational facility like blade server. Diversified engineering disciplines students like from computer science and engineering, civil engineering, electronics and communication engineering, electrical engineering, etc. join GIS Cell for the master of technology degree, which create wide spectrum of research potential to target the concern engineering disciplines industry and government institutions. Students along with the faculty members are working on the industry oriented problems like GIS based solutions for the different sectors, web GIS, GNSS-based solutions, In-SAR and other sensor data based studies of landslides zones, and crustal activities, design and development of mobile LiDAR system/mobile mapping system for vehicle and railway corridor based 3D mapping, mobile LiDAR data processing for roadway studies, TLS based survey for 3D mapping of various infrastructures, satellite image processing.

List of laboratory facilities are appended below: