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Institute Industry Interaction (III) Cell

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad
Prayagraj - 211004 (India)

Mechanical Workshop

List of facilities available in the workshop are as follows:
S.No.Name of Machine(s)Quantity
1.Planer Machine1
2.Slotter Machine1
3.Shaper Machine3
4.Capstan Lathe1
5.Horizontal Universal Milling Machine3
6.Vertical Milling Machine1
7.Cylindrical Grinding Machine 1
8.Surface Grinding Machine1
9.Radial drilling Machine1
10.Lathe Machine (Trainees) 10
11.Lathe Machine (High Precision production) 10
12.Bench type drilling Machine3
13.Power Hacksaw Machine (Mechanical) 1
14.Power Hacksaw Machine (Hydraulic)1
15.Pedestal Grinding Machine1
16.Tool and Cutter Grinder1
17.Wire Electrical Discharge Machine 1
18.Electro Chemical Machining1
19.Die Sink Electrical Discharge Machine 1