About Chief Proctor Office
Discipline and Proctorial Board
I-Card and Character Certificate
Office of the Chief Proctor

There are certain rules and regulation framed by the Institute, which are to be followed to maintain the cordial atmosphere in the campus (among the students, faculty members and non teaching staff). The Proctorial Board headed by the Chief Proctor (disciplinary authority of the Institute) helps students, faculty members and non-teaching staffs from any difficulty and to see that the disciplinary rules are followed properly. Proctorial Board consists of Chief Proctor, Proctor (Boys) and Proctor (Girls) is conscious and concerned about interests of students, faculty members and non-teaching staff.

  • 1.    Organizing students Counseling and Liasoning with Students Parents/Guardians

  • 2.     Dealing matters related to Students Discipline and Council

  • 3.     Issuing I-Cards and Character Certificate

   Name   Designation Quarter NO.   PBX(O)  Mob.No.     Email ID
Dr. K.N.Pandey Chief Proctor A-17 +91-532-2271972 9919692937 knpandey@mnnit.ac.in
Dr. Ambak Kumar Rai Proctor (Boys) IH-110 +91-532-2271241 --- ambakrai@mnnit.ac.in
Dr. Shalinee Shukla Proctor (Girls) C-61 +91-532-2271324 9794937868 sshukla@mnnit.ac.in
Dr. Animesh Ojha FI Counseling (Boys) C-67 +91-532-2271265 9532830699 animesh@mnnit.ac.in
Dr. Vibhuti Tripathi FI Counseling (Girls) - +91-532-2271558 9935249342 vibhuti@mnnit.ac.in
Dr. Naresh Kumar FI (Foreign Students) C-14 +91-532-2271271 9454200193 naresh@mnnit.ac.in