Too often, technologies are either not developed for a sufficiently profitable market, or if developed, are not accessible or well-adapted to end-user needs. This conference initiative seeks to advance knowledge and understanding of how to equitably improve the functioning of the “global innovation system” for sustainable development of technologies. The initiative will be examining specific cases of “system interventions” (e.g., policy interventions, institutional innovations, new approaches to shaping the innovation process, etc.) intended to strengthen the global innovation system, with the broader aim of developing policy recommendations and are generalizable across multiple sectors.

The findings will contribute to appreciating the potential of science and technology to meet the most pressing sustainable development trials in order to more effectively and fairly improve the operation of the "global innovation system" for sustainable expansion of technologies. This platform initiative also aims to advance knowledge and understanding in this area. By expanding scientific knowledge to human-environment systems, strengthening connections between the research and policy communities and developing capacity for fusing knowledge with action to advance sustainability, the programme aims to address the challenge of sustainable development.

The outcome will help to realize the potential of science and technology to address the most urgent challenges faced by the humankind. Leading academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars will be gathered at this conference to exchange experiences and research findings on all facets of innovation and sustainable development and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as real-world difficulties faced and solutions chosen in the domains of innovations and sustainable development on this outstanding interdisciplinary platform.

Needless to say, that a library offers the resources and encourages the thinking process, creativity, inquisitiveness and makes the learning more fruitful. Although the main function of the library is to provide textbooks, references, periodicals and up-to-date research journals pertaining to various subjects to students, teachers and researchers, this time it is entering into a new domain of organizing an International Conference along with performing its traditional work, which is the most salient feature of this event.


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