Students' Conference on Engineering and Systems SCES-2015

Track Chairs

Electrical and Power

Prof. R. K. Singh Power Electronics & Applications
Prof. R. K. Tripathi Power Electronics & Drives
Prof. Shubhi Purwar Control Systems
Prof. Paulson Samuel Electric Drives
Prof. Asheesh K. Singh Power Systems, Smart grids
Prof. Rajesh Gupta Renewable Energy Systems
Prof. Richa Negi Control Systems

Electronics and Communication

Prof. Vijaya Bhadauria VLSI Design
Prof. Haranath Kar Signal Processing
Dr. Arvind Kumar Communication Systems
Dr. Basant Kumar Image Processing
Dr. Manish Tiwari Analog & Digital Circuits
Dr. Arun Prakash VLSI & Digital Circuits
Dr. V. K. Rao Networks & Control System
Mr. Rajeev Gupta Microwave Engineering

Computer Technology and Intelligent Systems

Prof. A. K. Singh GIS Applications
Prof. Suneeta Agrawal Networking & Security
Prof. R. S. Yadav Security and Computing
Prof. D. K. Yadav Software Architecture
Prof. D. S. Kushwaha Peer to Peer Network
Dr. K. K. Mishra Optimization Techniques and Application

Mechanical Systems and Mechatronics

Prof. A. D. Bhatt CAD & Rapid Prototyping
Prof. Rajeev Srivastava Mechatronics
Prof. R. P. Tewari Robotics
Dr. Manish Gupta Mechanical Systems, CAD
Dr. Rahul Dev Renewable Energy Systems
Dr. V. R. Komma Finite Element Method

Applied Sciences

Dr. Pitam Singh Computational methods
Dr. Manoj Kumar Mathematics
Dr. N. K. Singh Biotechnology
Dr. Naresh Kumar Nano, Magnetic and Advance Materials
Dr. Tamal Ghosh Chemistry
Dr. Abhishek Kumar Material Science

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