Scientific Track

All submitted papers will be peer reviewed in accordance with the requirements set forth in the IEEE PSPB Operations Manual (sections 8.2.1.C & 8.2.2.A). Each submitted paper will be reviewed by a minimum of two independent reviewers using a single-blind peer review process, where the identities of the reviewers are not known to the authors, but the reviewers know the identities of the authors. Submitted papers will be screened for plagiarism before review process. All accepted and presented paper in the conference program will be submitted to IEEE Xplore.

Industry Track

The papers submitted to this track should be mainly from industry authors/practioners. Such papers will not be reviewed as scientific papers. The papers will be however subject to technical review by the committee members. Contribution highlighting commercial focus is discouraged in submission. The accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings, but will not be submitted to IEEE Xplore.