About the Department

The department was established in 1965 as Department of Applied Mechanics, Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines for imparting Post Graduate education in the interdisciplinary areas of Mechanics. The first PG programme of the department on Analysis and Design of Process Equipments was started in 1967. The Department was later renamed as the Department of Applied Mechanics in 2002.

The department offers various courses in the broad area of Mechanics for Undergraduate Programmes of different engineering branches, including Civil, Mechanical, Production, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biotechnology etc.

The department presently offers four Postgraduate (M.Tech.) programmes:

  1. Engineering Mechanics & Design
  2. Materials Science and Engineering
  3. Fluids Engineering and
  4. Biomedical Engineering

As part of its continuous effort to impart latest knowledge to its students, the department has revised and upgraded the curriculum of all the four post graduate programmes and implemented the same from session 2021-22. All the programmes are added with strong laboratory components.

Commensurate to its thrust for higher learning, the department offers Ph.D. programmes in wide areas of Applied Mechanics and Materials Engineering.

The department has qualified and committed faculty members, pursuing the academic and research activities comparable to international standards. The department inherits a strong pool of renowned alumni members, well established across the globe.

To impart global dimension and industrial relevance to its research, the department signed many Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) from time to time with different organization such as University of Missouri (USA), Feng Chia University (Taiwan) and Bharat Pump and Compressors Limited, Naini, Allahabad (India) etc. A number of Research Projects, Industry Sponsored testing/consultancy projects are regularly taken up and executed.

There are excellent facilities for research and learning with a very renowned, experienced and dedicated faculty members. The all faculty members possess Ph.D. degree. The department will experience it Diamond Jubilee in the year 2024.

Vision of the Department

To establish itself as a department recognised for its quality post graduate education and research in the broad field of Applied Mechanics and Materials.

Mission of the Department

To produce high quality human resource in the area of Applied Mechanics and Materials Engineering by way of continuous upgradation of curriculum, improvement in academic processes & ambience, and faculty & infrastructure development. To create knowledge resource through research in emerging areas of Applied Mechanics and Materials in collaboration with national & international academic, research and industrial organisations and disseminate the same by contributing and conducting STTP, Workshops, Symposiums and Conferences.

Thrust Area(s)

Major areas of research are Solid Mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Materials Development for Various Applications and Biomedical Engineering.

The specific areas are as Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of Lower Limb musculoskeletal system for rehabilitation applications,Electro acoustic Transducers, Sound and Acoustics, Smart Composite Structures, Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Bio-Fluid Dynamics & Medical Devices, Turbomachines, Microwave Absorbing Coatings, Dispersed Polymers, Nano-Materials, Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics, Ballistic Impact, Composite plates and shells; Low Velocity Impact, Blast loading of structures,Structural Analysis, Finite Element Modelling of Structures of Composite Materials,Continuum Damage Modelling and Analysis,PIV, Thermo-fluids Engineering, Multi-Phase Flow, Swirl Flows, Flow Instrumentation and GT Combustor, Computational Material Behaviour, Computational Biomechanics, Bone Re-modelling,Bone Adaptation, Bone Fracture Healing,Biofluid Dynamics, Mechanobiology, Poromechanics,Pipeline Engineering,Membrane Structures, Inflatable Structures, Vibration, Modelling & Simulation, Fiber reinforced composites, Textile composites, Inhomogeneous materials, etc. 

Heads of the Department

S. No.





MNREC Allahabad


Late Dr. V.P. Vasandani

July 1964 

September 1965


Late Dr. Jainti Prasad

 September 1965

 November 1965


Late Dr. Saradindu Narayan Sinha

 November 1965

February 1980


Late Dr. Jainti Prasad


 January 1981


Dr. C.R. Rao

 January 1981

March 1981 


Late Dr. Arun Kumar Govil

 March 1981

July 1984


Dr. C.R. Rao

 July 1984

 September 1986


Late Dr. Arun Kumar Govil

 September 1986

September 1990


Dr. C.R. Rao

 September 1990

October 1993


Late Dr. Arun Kumar Govil

 October 1993

July 1996


Late Dr. Dinesh Jha

 August 1996

July 1998


Dr. R.P. Nikhed

 July 1998

March 2001


Dr. V.C. Agarwal

 March 2001

August 2001


Dr. D. N. Paliwal

 September 2001

November 2001


Dr. R.C. Mehta

November 2001 

June 2002

MNNIT Allahabad


Dr. R.C. Mehta

26 June 2002 

14 February 2005


Dr. Triloki Nath

 15 February 2005

17 February 2008


Dr. Rakesh Mathur

 18 February 2008

07 May 2010


Dr. K. M. Gupta

08 May 2010

31 July 2010


Dr. Rakesh Mathur

 01 August 2010

17 August 2011


Dr. Karunesh Kumar Shukla

 18 August 2011

17 August 2013


Dr. Anuj Jain

 18 August 2013

17 August 2015


Dr. R.P. Tewari

 18 August 2015

17 August 2017


Dr. S.J. Pawar

 18 August 2017

17 August 2019


Dr. Ramesh Pandey

 18 August 2019

17 August 2021


Dr. Abhishek Kumar

 18 August 2021