Major Fields of Research & Consultancy

Geographic Information System (GIS)

  • Development of GIS based Decision Support System (DSS)
  • Integration and analysis of multi-thematic information for Geo-database design & development
  • Spatial modelling in GIS for user-specific applications & Customization of systems
  • Web GIS & 3D-GIS
  • Disaster Mitigation, Management & Emergency Response System
  • Development of SDI

Remote Sensing

  • Land use and land cover mapping
  • Digital image classification
  • Fuzzy logic & ANN applications for image classification
  • Large Scale Mapping from high resolution satellite data

Global Positioning System (GPS)

  • GPS Surveys for engineering applications
  • GPS applications for plate tectonics & crustal deformation studies
  • GPS based mapping of infrastructural facilities
  • Control Surveys & Topographical mapping

Urban Planning and Infrastructure Development

  • Large scale urban mapping & urban change detection
  • Infrastructure mapping and management
  • Environmental impact assessment and analysis
  • Site selection studies
  • Development of Urban Resource Information system
  • Intelligent Transportation system

Digital Terrain Modelling

  • 3-D Visualisation & Modelling
  • Alignment Studies (Highways, Railways, Canal, etc.)
  • Land evaluation & Terrain analysis (Volume calculation, slope, etc.)

Land Information System

  • Computerisation of land records & updation
  • Development of integrated geo-database at village level
  • Rural development
  • Topographical & Cadastral mapping using modern surveying instruments like Electronic Survey Total Station, Automated Level, etc.

Research Projects Completed


Name of Research Project Funding Agency Amount (Rs. Lacs) Principal Investigator(s)
Development of DSS for Natural Resources Management using Remote Sensing & GIS MHRD 15.00 Dr. R.D. Gupta
Modernisation of Survey and Remote Sensing Laboratory MHRD 12.00 Dr. R. D. Gupta

Dr. R. N. Shahi


Ongoing Ph.D. Research Works


Name of the Student Thesis Title Research supervisor(s)
Rabindra Kumar Barik Development of Open Source GIS based Interoperable SDI for Allahabad District Dr. Arun  B.  Samaddar

Dr. R.D. Gupta

Shipra Verma Web GIS for Public Health Infrastructure & Management System Dr. R.D. Gupta
Mamta Pandey GIS for development of Urban Resource Information and Management System Dr. Arun  B.  Samaddar

Dr. R.D. Gupta


M. Tech Thesis Completed: 2007-08


Name of the Student Thesis Title Research Supervisor(s)
Dipak Kumar Development of NIT Network using GIS Dr. Arun B. Samaddar

Dr. R. D. Gupta

Yogesh Kumar Development of Enterprise GIS for Allahabad City Dr. Arun B. Samaddar

Dr. R. D. Gupta

Anurag Singh GIS for Development of Digital Database of MNNIT Campus Dr. Arun B. Samaddar

Dr. R. D. Gupta

Arvind Singh A Design of Automatic Pollution System using Wireless Sensor Network Dr. M. M. Gore
Praveen Kumar Prajapati Energy Managed TORA with Enhanced Network Stability Dr. M. M. Gore
Ajay Kumar keshari Development of GIS Database for Rural Road Planning Management Dr. A. K. Singh
Smita GIS based Water Quality Information System. ‘A Case Study of Allahabad City’ Dr. R. C. Vaishya


M. Tech Thesis Completed: 2008-09


Name of the Student Thesis Title Research supervisor(s)
Rabindra Kumar Barik Open Source Web GIS based Framework for Development of SDI Dr. Arun  B.  Samaddar

Dr. R.D. Gupta

Dr. Marguerite Madden

Abhishek Jain An Algorithm for Subsurface Fire Detection in MODIS Images Dr. Suneeta Agarwal
Vivek Jaiswal WEKA Installation and its Evaluation for Data Mining Functionalities Dr. M.M. Gore
Shekh Faisal Siddique GIS Mapping and Surveillance of Malaria Dr. R.D. Gupta
Sathiaraj G DEM Extraction and Mapping from High Resource Remote Sensing Data Dr. R.D. Gupta
Gaurav Kumar GIS for Identifying the Strategic Regions SEZs Dr. R.D. Gupta

Dr. Tripti Singh

Sanjay Kumar Sahu Hamilton P-Cycle design Dr. R.S. Yadav
Dinesh Kumar Azad GIS based Urban Transportation System for Allahabad City Dr. A.K. Singh