MNNIT welcomes all New B.Tech., M.Tech., M.C.A.,M.B.A, M.Sc. & Ph.D. students.
Presently Active Research is going on in these following areas

Environmental Engineering

(i) Testing & Consultancy  for environmental controls

(ii) Arsenic Estimation Methods

(iii) Viability of coated sand filtration for water treatment

(iv) Noise Pollution Monitoring


(i)GeoTextiles Their Development & applications

Structural Engineering

(i) Artificial Neural Network based methodology

(ii) Reliability Engineering

(iii) Bridge Engineering Management

(iv) Performance Evaluation & Modelling for  structural Materials

(v) NDT & Tests for Durability assessments of Concrete

(vi) New Generation Building Materials


CAD in Civil Engineering

(i)Application of AI & Neural Network to structural engineering

Transportation Engineering

(i) Rural Road Network Planning

(ii) Pavement Design & Strengthening

(iii) Air & Noise Pollution due to Vehicular Traffic

(iv) EIA & Geotextiles in Highways

(v) GIS Applications in Transportation Engineering

Geoinformatics Academic Activities : For details click here

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Hi Tech Equipment


Name of the Laboratory



Environmental Engg. Lab.

(i)Atomic Absorption Spectro Photometer

(ii)Digital Naphelometer

(iii)Incubator BOD Automat capacity 6.1 Cuft

(iv) High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

(v)Spectro Photometer

(vi)Mercury Analyzer

(vii)Stack Monitoring kit with high volume sampler

(viii) Gas Chromatograph

(ix) Gas Liquid Chromatography


Geotechnical Lab.

(i) GDS Triaxial Testing machine

(ii) Data Acquisition System 40 channels

(iii) Rock Triaxial Testing Apparatus

(iv) Rock Permeability Testing Appts.

(v) Drilling Machine

(vi) Electronic Consolidometer

(vii) P.C. Pentium I


Concrete & Materials Lab.

(i) UTM 4000 KN

(ii) Oven upto 100oC

(iii) Auto Clave

(iv) UPVM

(v) Load Calibrator


Structural Testing Lab.

(i) Test Floor

(ii) Test Cylinder Plant

(iii) UPV Meter

(iv) Moisture meter

(v) UTM 600 KN

(vi) Core Cutting Machine

(vii) Hydraulic Jack 100 KN

(viii) Pressure Gauges – 200 Kg/cm2

(ix) Water Permeability Test Apparatus


Computer Lab.

(i) ACER mate 920 with Pentium Processor 
04 Nos.

(ii) HP900/712 with removable DAT

(iii) Aplab 2 KVA UPS

(iv) Unicorp power pro 166 MHz with

Pentium Processes 8 Nos.

(v) IBM Pentium III 500 MHz 3 Nos.

(vi) A1 Size Plotter

(vii) A4 Size Scanner


Transportation & GIS Lab.

(i) IBM Pentium III 500 MHz 3 Nos.

(ii) Los Angles Apparatus

(ii) Marshal Stability Test Apparatus

(iii) Field CBR Test Apparatus

(iv) Dynamic Cone Penetrometer


Surveying  & Geoinformatics

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There is active research going on in the department in various areas. The department also handles various conferences and projects.The list of various projects an be viewed by clicking the links below