Important: Mid Semester break is extended up to April 12, 2020.All student related activities(academic and research) for UG, PG and PhD students will continue to remain suspended.

Laboratory Facilities

The department has one Physics Laboratory [B.Tech. programme] to cater for prescribed experiments at UG level.

In addition, one Condensed Matter Physics Research Laboratory has been set up with the following research facilities:

(i) Experimental set up for thin film deposition by Spray Pyrolysis, SILAR, Sol Gel, etc

(ii) Tubular Furnace (up to 900 0C)

(iii) Microbalance [Citizen make; Model CX 165]

(iv) Keithley Electrometer [Model 6517B]

(v) UV VIS Spectrophotometer (likely to be procured)

(vi) Impedance Analyzer (likely to be procured)