Dr. Rajesh Kumar Shastri

Designation: Associate Professor 
Qualification: Ph.D.
Area of Interest: Principles of Management, HRM , Organizational Behaviour and NGO Management.
Phone No.: +91-532-2271283(O)2271912(R)
Email: rkshastri@mnnit.ac.in ,  rajeshkumarshastri@gmail.com
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Dr. Ravindra Tripathi

Designation: Associate Professor 
Qualification: D.Phil
Area of Interest: Corporate Accounting and Reporting, Corporate Finance,Micro Finance , Taxation, Managerial Economics.
Phone No.:



ravitripathi44@yahoo.co.in ,  ravindra@mnnit.ac.in

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Dr. Jyotsna Sinha

Designation: Associate Professor & Head
Qualification: M.A. (Psychology) and Ph.d. in English Literature
Area of Interest: Canadian Literature, Indian Writing in English,Communication skills, Counselling
Phone No.:  
Email: jyotsna@mnnit.ac.in
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Dr. Mitu Mandal

Designation: Asst. Professor 
Qualification: Ph.D, Psychology
Area of Interest: Applied Psychology, Group Dynamics, Team Building, Organisational Behaviour & Organisational Development 
Phone No.: 9971621201 
Email: mitumandal@mnnit.ac.in; mitumandal@gmail.com
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Dr. Soni Joseph

Designation: Asst. Professor 
Qualification: Ph.D
Area of Interest: English Language Teaching (ELT), Teacher Education (English), Curriculum and Materials Production, English for Specific Purposes (ESP).  
Phone No.: 8547643760 
Email: soni-j@mnnit.ac.in; soniciefl@gmail.com
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 SONI JOSEPH - Soni Joseph