Important: Mid Semester break is extended up to April 12, 2020.All student related activities(academic and research) for UG, PG and PhD students will continue to remain suspended.

Lab facilities available in the department:

1. Mass Transfer laboratory

  •  Bubble Cap Distillation Column
  •  Forced Draft Tray Drier
  •  Vapour -Liquid Equilibrium
  •  Diffusion of an Organic Vapour in Air
  •  Adsorption in Packed Bed
  •  Swenson-Waker Crystallizer
  •  Steam Distillation Unit
  •  Water Cooling Tower

2. Chemical Technology laboratory

  •  Bomb Calorimeter
  •  Pensky Martin Flash point Apparatus
  •  Clereland's Flash and Fire point Apparatus
  •  Muffle Furnace
  •  Distillation Unit

3. Environmental laboratory

  •  Flocculation test Unit
  •  Aeration Unit
  •  Elutriator
  •  Orbital shaking Incubator cum BOD incubator
  •  Turbiditymeter
  •  DO Meter
  •  Vortex Shaker
  •  Vacuum cum pressure pump

4. Process Dynamics & Control laboratory

  •  Cascade Control Trainer
  •  Two Tank Interacting System
  •  Two Tank Non Interacting System
  •  I to P and P to I trainer kit
  •  Dynamic Behaviour of First Order System in Series
  •  Control Valve Characteristics

5. FFM laboratory

  •  Plate And Frame Filter Press
  •  Sedimentation Apparatus
  •  Vibrating Screen
  •  Hammer mill Pulverizer

6. Chemical Reaction Engineering laboratory

  •  Isothermal Batch Reactor With Air Compressor
  •  PIsothermal Plug Flow Reactor
  •  Semi Batch Reactor
  •  Combined CSTR and PFR
  •  RTD Studies in CSTR
  •  RTD Studies in Packed Bed Reactor
  •  Hydrodynamics of Trickle Bed Reactor
  •  Plug Flow and Tubular Reactor with Air Compressor
  • CSTRs in Series with Air Compressor