Following are the major software and instruments available in the laboratory:

  1. ArcGIS
  2. ERDAS Imagine
  3. Handheld DGPS with inbuilt camera
  4. Robotics Total Station with accessories
  5. GNSS receiver set (Base & Rover) with accessories
  6. Total Station with complete accessories
  7. FAROFocus3D X 330, a high-speed 3D laser scanner with the hardware accessories and software solutions.
  8. Indigenously developed software solutions for high-resolution 3D data processing and applications
  9. IBM Blade server
  10. Continuously Operation GNSS Reference Station
gispic4 gispic3 gispic5 gispic2 gispic1


Figure 1: handheld GPS receiver (left), Robotic total station (middle), 3D Laser Scanner (right)


Geodesy Laboratory:-



geodesy1 geodesy2



Geodesy laboratory is established in Februrary 2024 with a vision to contribute in the area of physical and satellite Geodesy primarily by spreading education on the subject of geodesy, capacity building, conducting state-of-the-art research and development activities, organizing outreach activities, establishing geodetic infrastructure, and supporting students and researchers working in the area of geodesy through regular training programmes, fellowships, and resources.


Facilities: soon to be updated.