[Assessment, Monitoring, Reporting and Intelligent Tracking]


This mobile based application has been designed to track patients having cough, cold, fever or breathing problem. Once the software is downloaded and installed, the user can register with following options:


1. Patient/customer

2. Chemist shop owner

3. Medical practitioner

4. Asha Worker

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v  After the user selects option for patient/customer, he/she has to provide details including name, mobile number, address etc. and an OTP(One Time Password) is sent to the mobile number. Once OTP is entered, a QR code is generated.

v  Medical stores, Practitioners and Asha workers can enter their details and register themselves after verifying with OTP sent to their mobile number respectively.

v  After this, they can scan QR code of the registered patient/ customer or add details manually.

v  After entering details, click SUBMIT to send the information to the control room.

Please follow this link to download app:



Google Play Store Link is now available at: http://shorturl.at/oqrS3